Wedding Invitation Etiquette

Congratulations: you’ve confirmed a wedding date and secured a venue. Love is in the air, and so too should be your wedding invitations, starting with your save-the-dates! Consider this your Miss Manners-approved invitation mailing timeline.


4-6 months prior: As three-day wedding weekends and destination weddings are fast becoming the norm, so are save-the-dates. They should feature the names of the happy couple, the “mark your calendar” wedding date, and a note of an invitation to follow. Your save-the-dates should be mailed four to six months before your big day.



6-8 weeks prior: Wedding invitations should include the soon-to-be-married couple’s full names, those of the hosts (if they’re different), the place, and the time. Mail your invitations six to eight weeks beforehand to give guests sufficient time to respond.



2-3 weeks prior: Your RSVP card should request a response by two to three weeks prior to the event so you can get a final headcount. As an added courtesy, send the RSVP enclosure cards pre-stamped.



6-8 weeks after: Enjoy your honeymoon … then aim to have all your thank-you cards mailed by two months after your wedding. Remember to personalize your notes as much as possible, acknowledging how you’re using the gift or how you’re spending the gift card/check. Share with us how you’re using Makr to make your special day all the more special. Tag what you’re making with the hashtag #Makr, and happy (wedding) making!