The 3 Rules Of The Personal Photo Business Card

Looking for a business card that stands out from the crowd? Depending on your industry, a photo biz card is a great way to cement networking connections and leave a memorable impression.

But sized at just 2″ x 3.5″, the design space on your business card is precious real estate. When executed appropriately, a photo holds its weight. A headshot puts a face to your name and adds a refreshing personal touch to your brand marketing. Here are a few tips for designing a photo business card that looks sharp and brings in business.

1) Keep the connection. Networking is all about connecting with the people you meet and fostering those relationships. Use a photo that looks like you and will jog a recipient’s memory. No outdated pics!

2) Keep it professional. If possible, have your headshot taken by a professional photographer, and wear attire appropriate for your field. (Think: your LinkedIn profile pic versus a snap from last Halloween.)

3) Keep it consistent. If you choose to include a personal photo on your business card, use that same photo across your brand – from social media profile pictures to promo mailers – so that potential customers can reinforce and foster their personal connection to you.