Small Biz 101: Business Card Design

Business cards – the handshake of business branding – can make both the first and the lasting impression of a brand. Especially when on a limited ad budget, consider your business card a surefire, space-is-of-the-essence marketing tool. Here are some starting points in making a striking business card that does its job: bringing you business.


1. Establish its purpose. Know what you want your card to accomplish (relaying your contact info at a glance, explaining your company’s mission, etc.) before beginning to design it. The holy grail: a card that’s personal and memorable yet still maintains your business identity.


2. Cover the basics. Include all essential contact info and your company logo. Today’s business card prompts connections to look the business up online, so include its web URL and social media handles if relevant.


3. Keep it simple. Lots of artwork and fonts can take away from the card’s information.

4. Proof-read. Remember to double-check your card before printing, and have a friend give it a once-over if possible. Typos will devalue your credibility and professionalism.

Share the business card you make with us with the hashtag #makr. We can’t wait to meet your small biz.