Typography 101: Pinyon Script and Quicksand

We love typography. It gives a voice to the written word. It adds character and, when used well, can organize a message and make it easier to read. Too many typefaces can read like a million voices all talking over each other, competing for attention. So in general, we like to play typeface match-maker – pairing two fonts together that, as a couple, complement one another well and serve different purposes. First up in our Type Love series is one of our favorite typography love stories: Pinyon Script & Quicksand.


Pairing a decorative, flowing script with a simple sans serif makes for a dynamic juxtaposition. Coupling these two typefaces together creates a sophistication that translates well for business purposes or for formal events like weddings.


When stacking type, make sure the edges of the words align for a symmetrical, even look. Pro Tip: When formatting text in your workspace, tap on the + and – at the end of the sliders to get exact precision in type size.


As your own designer, it’s important to keep a clear sense of hierarchy. With a typeface full of personality, like Pinyon Script, a more neutral typeface, like Quicksand, is needed to deliver crucial information.

For more typography tips, check out our Design 101 series post – and stay tuned for more love stories … Type Love stories, that is!