Get Organized: Kids’ School Art Labels

The season of watermelon-eating, firefly-catching and pool-partying is almost here! Are you and your kiddos counting down the days until summer vacation? Here’s an easy project sure to distract as the final schooldays fly by, courtesy of the always-inspiring home blog Oleander + Palm.

Archive all the great masterpieces your children created this school year with fun, custom small labels to adhere to the back of projects. Include your fledgling artist’s name, age or grade and project title. Order a bulk batch, or print your labels at home, to keep on-hand for future art projects.


Looking back at these art pieces for years to come, you’ll be so glad that you took the time to label each memory – and Oleander + Palm’s templates for Makr make it so easy! Read more about Oleander + Palm’s project here, and get started before you’re officially on summer mode!

Concept, styling and photography by Oleander + Palm