Make It: Custom Book Plates!

We try not to judge a book by its cover – only by its Makr book plate. Like us, do you love picking up books at local hole-in-the-wall bookstores while traveling? Or maybe   your favorite reads are your go-to gifts for friends’ house-warmings, showers or birthdays? Custom book labels are a great way to archive and organize your home library or to make a gifted book extra special and memorable.

Jeran McConnel of the home and DIY blog Oleander + Palm used Makr to design and print easy-to-use book plates for her family’s collection. (Did you catch the artwork labels Jeran made for her kiddos’ school projects, too?)


Read more about her book plate project here, then embrace your inner DIYer + librarian and get started on your own! You can use our small label format, like Jeran did, or design a book plate using the large label format size. Include blanks for the book’s owner, date received or worthy occasion and a special note. Happy making!

Concept, styling and photography by Oleander + Palm