Branding 101: 3 Postcard Marketing Strategies

Thoughtful, engaging branding goes far beyond the business card. Here at Makr, we love personal, handwritten note cards. Another critical element to your brand’s success is marketing. Here are three modern, postcard-sized ways to better brand your biz!


Get existing customers engaged. Harness the support of loyal customers by designing and sending a monthly postcard. This can alert your customers to what’s new while making them feel special and privy to exclusive previews and offers. Incorporate elements from your logo or business cards – like a typeface, color combo or icon – so that your brand is easily recognized within a stack of mail. The postcard message should be friendly, action-oriented and familiar, since you’re speaking to existing customers.


Get your customers to market for you! Never underestimate the power of even subtle branding. Design a note card or postcard that reflects your business identity but is universally appealing and usable. (Paired with your basic business info, a compelling photo and simple graphic or icon does the trick.) Attached to your receipts or invoices, this card will gain you brand exposure when customers use it as a card for other members of your target market – their friends and family!


Get new customers. Craft a business-purpose flyer to position in front of your target market. Display the flyers front and center at your brick-and-mortar location or vendor booth, or leave some at local community hubs like coffee shops and co-working spaces. Make sure the flyer’s frontside is eye-catching and engaging. The backside should be simple, clearly stating your business purpose and pertinent information.

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