Make It: DIY Natural All-Purpose Cleaner

We’re adopting the philosophy this year to “make more and consume less.” That means going greener, buying less and upping our DIY game. Our product manager Alexandra is resolving to make her own all-natural all-purpose cleaning solution, leaving chemical-heavy, questionably hazardous cleaners a thing of the past (i.e. 2013).

Make it yourself following the few steps below, and finish the project with a clean, typographic label made with Makr!


We took a cue from Apartment Therapy’s homemade citrus cleaner recipe. You’ll need to gather these ingredients:

– citrus peels (We used oranges and lemons.)
– distilled white vinegar
– water (optional)
– airtight glass container (We used one of our handy-dandy Weck jars.)
– spray bottle (We picked up this BPA-free plastic spray bottle from The Container Store.)


1. Store the citrus peels in your airtight glass container, adding white vinegar to cover.
2. Seal the jar, and let it sit for about two weeks. (When ready, the vinegar should have a strong citrus scent and yellowish color.
3. Strain the peels, then dilute the solution with water if you’d like a thinner concentration.
4. Pour the cleaner into your spray bottle.
5. Label it for quick recognition. You can purchase a hi-res pdf of your label design to print at home using Avery’s Removable Full Sheet Labels. (Customize a text-free design to create a reusable PDF for all your cleaner or kitchen labels.)


And there you have it: Alexandra’s homemade cleaner – every bit as effective as off-the-shelf products but better for the environment and her family. Happy making!