4 Tips For Designing Your Logo

Whether for your small business, your personal brand or your wedding, great branding starts with a great logo. It communicates what’s best and most unique about you, so take some time to choose a template, colors and icons that best relay what you’re all about.

With Makr, designing a personalized logo that speaks to your aesthetic is easy – each template is entirely customizable and can them be applied to Makr projects or exported for use outside the app. Read on for a few tips for designing a winning logo!


1) Keep it simple. A graphic, easy-to-read logo is the most visually compelling and relays your brand most clearly. Choose an icon, fonts and colors that reflect what you’re best out or your takeaway attribute. Limit your design to one or two colors, one of which being black or a neutral. Similarly, try not to use more than two contrasting typefaces.


2) Add a tag line. A brief tag line gives context to your brand and can complement your icon choice, especially when your content or service isn’t immediately apparent through your brand name alone. Consider a tag line such as your location, establishment date or brand description. Make sure to choose a bold, legible font that’s easy to read at a small size.


3) Think about size. Make sure your logo works at different sizes, so that you can use it in a variety of ways. When applying your logo to small printed pieces like business cards or tags, consider removing the tag line – and for really small applications, make an extremely pared down version by featuring just one key component to keep it legible.


4) Create variations. Different versions of your logo should be applied in different instances. Keep components of each logo design consistent, while adapting the colors, tag lines or icons. While your complete logo works best for website headers and invoices, a prominent icon from your core logo could relay your brand immediately when featured alone on a tag. Create a black version of your logo to be printed on letterhead and stationery pieces as well as a white version that’s legible on dark and colored backgrounds.

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