Make It: Herbal Tea Blends With Local Milk

When it comes to tea, we side with the Mad Hatter – “it’s always tea time.” And when it comes to tea time, you can’t go wrong with custom, flowery, herbal home blends. Enter Beth Kirby of the pin-worthy, drool-worthy blog Local Milk. We joined forces with Beth, who showed us how to use Makr to create a tea party that the White Rabbit himself would be on time for!


Beth designed her Seer’s Tea label for a “potent herbal blend intended to relax and open the mind” to be packaged in weck jars and sent to long-distance friends. She included the blend’s ingredients, quantity and serving instructions (because what’s a good cup of tea without a drop of honey?).


Beth’s sharing her label design with all Makr users! Find her tea recipe on Local Milk, and customize her template in Makr to add your personal touch. (What would our serving instruction be? “Best paired with rosemary strawberry buttermilk muffins,” her suggested complimenting treat – recipe also on her blog!)

Concept, styling and photography by Local Milk.