3 Tips For Working With Images

To quote Ansel Adams, “you don’t take a photograph; you make it.” With the following best photography practices on your radar, you can make a picture worth a thousand words – and a Makr project worth a thousand prints (we kid).


1. The higher the resolution, the better. Use hi-resolution photos to achieve top-notch printing quality. If you upload an image too small to be printed clearly, we’ll let you know via a warning popup. While photos from Instagram are too low-res and print fuzzy, your original large-format photos – even enhanced in photo-editing apps like VSCO Cam and Afterlight – will do the trick.


2. When it come to filters, less is more. Make your photo pop by altering its contrast, brightness, and temperature in iPhoto and free photo-editing apps. When experimenting with presets (i.e., filters), though, be choosey. Applying multiple filters on an image can compromise its resolution.


3. Give your subject some wiggle room. Beware of overcropping. Try to let your subject breathe, and keep in mind that parts of the image outside your “safe” area are subject to being trimmed.

We’d love to see your picture-perfect Makr projects–share them via Twitter, Facebook, and Pinterest with the hashtag #Makr.