Packaging 101: Branded Order Shipments

Are you an Etsy seller, e-commerce retailer or brick-and-mortar business owner? Include a branded, handwritten note card in your product packaging to put a face to your brand and establish a more personal connection with customers or clients. Erin Souder of the lifestyle blog House of Earnest did just that when kicking the marketing for her home decor collection Grandiflora up a notch.


When packing up her Grandiflora pieces for customers, Erin recognizes a can’t-miss-this marketing opportunity. She uses her custom cards to feature her logo front and center. Don’t have a logo yet? Make one now, right in Makr, to use in your card designs!

“I want (my customers) to feel like they’re getting a special, well thought out piece of my company,” Erin says. “With all of the things I want a customer to feel, I can tell you that it doesn’t come easy … or cheap. Hiring outside services that aren’t my strength can be a stretch for a new business.”


We love how Erin is using her Makr cards to relay important business info and heartfelt sentiments to her customers while really branding her product to maximize marketing reach. Read more about her design process here.

Ready to better brand your products? Get started by creating your custom logo in Makr, and don’t miss our tips for perfecting the art of the branded, handwritten note card. Happy branding!

Concept, styling and photography by Erin Souder