Make It: Homeboy Homebrew

Our CTO Craig doubles as our resident culinary expert and brewmaster. To celebrate our launch, he brought in a batch that we dubbed “Homeboy Homebrew.” We made it party-ready with some fresh Makr labels, and it’s now ready to drink. Check out the process below to add your own finishing touch to a homebrew (or to make store-bought six-packs more festive or occasion-specific) before sharing with friends and family.


Craig let the brew rest for six months before dressing up these recycled bottles. We remove original bottle labels with water and baking soda. You can also try PBW by Five Star as a mix-in with water.


We used the 3.5 x 5″ product label template in the Nassau business theme to make the IPA label. Then, we saved and duplicated the design; you can do this from your My Projects folder. We adapted the duplicate for the Pale Ale label and repeated the process for the Chocolate Stout. Once designed, we printed our labels on Avery White Full-Sheet Labels 8165.


When applying your labels, start in the middle, pressing down the center first. Hold each side taut and wrap one side and then the other, smoothing the label from the center out.


Last step: let the labels dry overnight to avoid the ink-smudging. Cheers.