Makr Spotlight: House of Pillows

We love seeing how you use Makr! We’re so inspired by how Etsy seller Ellie Pappas uses the app to brand her shop House Of Pillows. From business cards to branded stationery, you can take a cue from Ellie and build out your own consistent, cohesive, well-designed brand!


The Biz Card: Follow Ellie’s lead and present your business name and its website prominently. Customize your templates pattern, colors, texture and icons – or import a logo – to reflect your own unique business identity.

The Note Card: When expanding your brand to other pieces, use elements of your business card like the typeface, color scheme or icon choice to create consistency.


The Extra Touch: We love these fabric swatches that Ellie says she now uses daily! Customize a tent card or hack a business card to creatively brand your product samples. Include your business name, url and any relevant product information.

Are you using Makr to build your small biz brand? We’d love to spotlight you! Share your maker story with us at