Make It: Dulce de Leche

We’re making a (mid-February) resolution. With weeks of wintertime left (at least here in Brooklyn), we’re going to quit whining about our slushy commutes and leaking radiators to embrace the sweet, cozy times this season can offer.

Our cure for the wintertime blues: Smitten Kitchen‘s dulce de leche. Make it, gift it, eat it, share it. It’s a hostess gift that puts the warmth in an apartment-warming. It’s a just-because food gift for your friends to snuggle up with. It’s so delicious, you’ll be grateful that it’s wretched enough outdoors to warrant guiltlessly staying in on a Friday night to make it.


Smitten Kitchen’s Deb Perelman has long been one of our favorite food bloggers, giving everyday dishes new life and making special occasion dishes even more sensational. Find her dulce de leche recipe here.


Spooned into small Weck jars and labeled, this guilty-pleasure spread just became your new favorite food gift – one you’ll want to save a bit of for yourself. Spread it on apple slices; heat and drizzle it over ice cream; eat it by the spoonful. There is no judgment and no wrong-doing.