DIY Favors: Custom Seed Packets

For most of us, this winter has been a bone-chilling one with repeat snowfalls and many a night spent bundled up with hot cocoa in hand. We’re done dreaming of a white Christmas and now have our sights set on spring. While it’s not yet right around the corner (acc. Groundhog Phil, at least), we’re planting the seeds of warmer temps – quite literally. These easy DIY seed packets are sure to warm hearts at your wedding, shower or dinner party. Use our templates or customize the design to match your aesthetic.


For a wedding: Wildflowers, packaged in miniature envelopes and sealed with Makr small labels, make a simple, lovely wedding favor that’s easy and affordable to make in bulk. Include your wedding details on one end of the label, and edit the colors or typefaces to match your wedding theme. How sweet for guests to continue to celebrate your special day as their flowers grow!


For a dinner party: The seed packets can double as both favors and placecards. When busy planning your menu, shopping and cooking, special touches like favors can fall low on the priority list. So quick and easy, this DIY won’t rock the party-planning boat. Package mixed herb seeds (like thyme, mint, sage and oregano) are particularly appropriate.


For a shower: This idea also serves as the sweetest baby shower favor, celebrating new life and looking forward to what’s to come! Include local flower seeds, like we did, or seeds to grow the little one’s birth-month flower.

How are you dreaming of spring? What DIYs are inspiring you to stay creative during these cold winter months? Let us know by tagging #Makr on social!