Branding 101: 3 Designs For A Referral Strategy That Works!

Your customers are your best tool for acquiring new customers, so turn yours into a marketing army! A successful referral initiative hinges on a strong, simple premise and compelling branding. Distribute well-designed refer-a-friend cards to your current patrons that offer a first-purchase discount and, when redeemed, award a discount to the referring customers. This incentivizes your customers to dive right into your target market – their social circles! – and start spreading the word. Here are three designs, customizable to your brand, to keep customers coming back and bringing you business!


Format the referral card’s backside to include your or your business’s name and a blank for the referring customer’s name. Jot a customer’s name into the blank before giving them the cards to pass out.


Remember, these cards are going into the hands of new customers, so make sure to include all the information they’d need to find you – an address, phone number, etc.


Then, when the referring customer’s friend makes a first purchase, credit the referring customer’s account with the promoted discount. Customers and their friends will see their experience as a win-win! Are you maximizing the power of stellar branding? Be sure to take advantage our marketing postcards, handwritten note cards and product label inspiration from a Brooklyn maker  – and stay tuned for more Branding 101!