Branding 101: Powerful Packaging Labels

Well-designed packaging can drive sales, serve as product informants and help your brand resonate post-purchase, ultimately contributing to the success or failure of your small business. It’s also the key element of your brand that your customers will take home, so take the time to consider how every piece communicates your brand. Here are three label ideas for packaging like a pro!


Think: Form. Your product label may be the first impression your brand makes on potential customers, and it has the power to bring you new and loyal customers. Make it eye-catching and distinctive. Make sure your brand is clear and that the design includes all the relevant information, like ingredients or quantity. This is what sets you apart from competitors, so have fun with it!


Think: Function. Our address label format makes for a great price label hack. Include your logo and any product info that customers need to make a purchase decision. Adhere them straight to your product, or use them as packaging sealers if your product is sold in boxes or bags.


Think: Brand Recognition. Because packaging pieces can feature your business name, logo or even simply your signature typeface and color scheme, they help customers identify you at a glance. An icon from your logo can take center stage in a packaging accessory piece, like stickers and tags, to subtly relay your brand in a visually compelling way.

As you use Makr to expand your small business brand and its creative identity, stay tuned for more packaging tips and templates!