Makr Pick: Afterlight Photo-Editing App

We’re pocket-photographers – we love snapping photos from our phones while on-the-go. Our Instagram images aren’t high enough resolution to print well at a larger size, though. Luckily, enter the advent of photo-editing apps, which can be used on high-resolution images at any size. We’re rounding up a few of our picks to share. First up: Afterlight, our filter-favorite.


Available for both iPhone and iPad, Afterlight ($0.99) features more than 40 filters, 66 texture effects, and a comprehensive toolbox. We used it when creating our Frost theme to give its wintery background photo a softer, more abstract look.





Try using Afterlight to make your photos for Makr projects more print-ready, or check out our Frost holiday theme to make your own season’s greetings using this winterscape shot.