3 Tips For Designing Your Logo

Welcome to Logo Design 101. Whether you’re completely new to the logo game or looking to refresh your existing artwork, we’ve compiled a few tips and tricks that will have people asking, who designed that for you? So grab a cup of coffee and a notebook because class is in session.

Step 1: Selecting a Format

A logo is a visual extension of your brand. A logo can help educate customers on what product or service you offer, or it can be more evocative and a visual representation of you or your brand. As you start the process of designing a logo, select a template that works for your brand.

Iconongraphic Logos

Showing an icon or representation of what you do in your logo is helpful if your logo will be shown to people who are unfamiliar with your product or service, or if the name of your business doesn’t fully represent what you offer.


Logotypes & Symbolic Logos

Not all logos require iconography. Logotypes are a simple way to add character and recognition to your brand. Consider a logotype if the name of your business describes the product or service you offer.



Monograms are a great choice for consultants and professional services (attorneys, real estate agents, freelancers). Monogram logos help establish a professional tone and can subtly communicate personality through the use of typography and decorative elements.



Step 2: Choose a Font That Represents Your Brand Vibe

The typography you choose can add a lot of personality and communicate a lot about your brand.


For a classic vibe, select a serif typeface. (Pro tip: notice the little “feet” on the ends of the characters? Those are serifs.)



For a more modern approach, try a sans-serif font. The bolder, cleaner look of a sans-serif has a more contemporary feel.



For a more expressive style, try a decorative font. The choice of your font should reflect your personal style and the message you want to convey. 



Step 3: Keep. It. Simple.

Last, but certainly not least keep your designs simple. Logos need to work at small sizes and in the context of other information. To keep your logo iconic, a “less is more” mentality goes a long way. Here are a couple gold standards to keep in mind as you create:

  • Limit your design to no more than 2 fonts.
  • Limit your design to no more than 2 colors.
  • If you incorporate a tagline in your logo, be sure to create an alternate version without the tagline to be used at small sizes.


And there you have it! You are officially an honorary designer who knows the lingo and best practices to make sure your logo can go toe-to-toe with the competition. Have more questions that we didn’t answer here? Email us at hi@makr.co and one of our design-loving nerds will be happy to help.


Happy Making!

-The Makr Team